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Kindergarten students outside

Our educators provide parents and guardians with information on what's happening in their classrooms. Find your class webpage below.

Name of Educator

Class Webpage

Mrs. Spiers


Mrs. Chopik/Mrs. Pennington 


Mrs. Hague 


Mlle. Yard

Grade 1 - French Immersion

Mrs. Young 

Grade 1/2

Mme. James 

Grade 2 - French Immersion

Mrs. MacEachern 

Grade 3/4

Mme. Savelle 

Grade 3 - French Immersion

Mrs. MacKay 

Grade 5/6

M Beaulieu 

Grade 4/7 - French Immersion

Mrs. McMahon

Grade 4 - French Immersion/Curriculum Coverage Teacher

Mr. Pugliese 

Grade 7/8

Mme. Rotella

Core French Teacher

Mrs. McCool 

Program Support Teacher

Mrs. MacLean 

Librarian/Grade 7 - French Immersion

M Sponagle 

Curriculum Coverage Teacher

Mr. Brown  Educational Assistant
Mrs. Sova  Educational Assistant 

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